About Me

Hello! I'm Natalie Davidson, a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Biomedical Informatics lab at ETH Zürich. I received my PhD from Tri-Institutional Program for Computational Biology and Medicine in New York, while conducting research at ETH Zürich.

I am interested in understanding the role transcriptional dysregulation plays in cancer. Through my collaborations during my Ph.D., I have been able to conduct single cancer and pan-cancer analyses using RNA-Seq and Ribosome Profiling data. I typically use generalized linear models and generalized linear mixed models, but I am interested in extending to other models as the numbers of samples in cancer analyses grow. I am currently a part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium, where I integrate multiple transcriptional aberrations such as splicing, fusions, over/under expression, allele specific expression, and others in over 1,000 samples to identify cancer relevant genes and alteration patterns.

I received my B.Sc. in computer science and minor in mathematics from University of California, Santa Barbara.  I received my M.Sc. in computer science from University of California, Los Angeles under the advisement of Dr. Jason Ernst.

Thesis Title: "Identification and Characterization of Aberrations in Cancer through the lens of RNA."



(full publications)

Integrating Diverse Transcriptomic Alterations to Identify Cancer-Relevant Genes

( link to paper )

Identification and Characterization of HIF-Dependent Altenative Splicing Events in Pancreatic Cancer

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